Gorgeous smooth pebbles from Baja, MX

Mixtures of Brown, Tan, Red, Gray, Gold, Maroon, black and more
You will receive 5 pebbles

Drilled through the center vertically.
Sizes range from 20 - 35mm in diameter & 6-8mm thick

Hole size: 1.5 - 2mm
Sizes & colors will vary by strand

Please specify color preferences


Baja Pebbles 5 pcs

  • My beach pebbles come from all around the world & have been gathered by “strategically placed” friends or myself, and drilled in my studio.  All stones are genuine, natural products and may differ slightly in size, shape, and color. Some may occasionally have small "imperfections" on the surface, because nature, in all it's infinite wisdom, sees these as added beauty.